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Friday, March 26, 2010

Shirley's Christmas Card

Shirley and her family have faced such enormous challenges this year. I was stunned that she took time out to make personal cards this time. It's truly a gift from the heart when someone does this for you.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Shelle's Christmas Card

Even before I started making cards, I always saved cards that people had hand made for us. Shelle always puts such thought into her projects and I love receiving her Christmas cards because I know how much time she puts into deciding what they'll be and creating them.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Love What I Do - You Can Too, In Less Time Thank You Would Imagine

Rapid Sign Up with the Online IDA (Independent Demonstrator Agreement)!March 23, 2010

Have you checked out My Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Business Web Services (DBWS) lately? In addition to a personalized business web site, blog, events calendar, and more, DBWS also provides users exclusive access to the Online IDA.

The Online IDA allows you to sign up and become a demonstrator--and immediately get your demonstrator ID and password for the Demonstrator Web Site--without having to fill out paperwork, mail it in to the home office, and wait for the ID and password to be sent back.

Becoming a demonstrator doesn't mean that you have to hold events or have a second job, just think of it as a permenant coupon which will give you a continual 20% or more discount on all Stampin' Up! merchandise.

The Online IDA is the perfect way to maximize your Sale-A-Bration time and ensure you are signed up by the March 31, 11:50 PM (MT) deadline--and that you get your due FREE Sale-A-Bration sign up rewards.

The Online IDA is already activated and ready to go.

When you are ready to sign up you'll need my Recruiter Authorization Password, so please just email me and I'll send it to you immediately, then head to my DBWS. There you'll click Start Your Own Business > Join Now, and the Online IDA will lead her through the sign-up process.

Please note that you will need to have the following information on hand:
Social Security Number
Personal contact information
Credit card payment information
Recruiter Authorization Password

In just 30 short minutes, you will have a demonstrator ID, have a password to the Demonstrator Web Site, and be ready to go!

Chocolate Bunny

It's amazing what you can create with the word window punch and a single stamp.
Remember to go all the way to the back of our catalog to see more single stamps.
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Monday, March 22, 2010

Let's Get Organized

Hi there,

If you currently belong to my "customer" online extras group, you will already have received all the "Let's Get Organized" files by email - If you would like to join my "customer" online extras group, please email me and I'll add you to the group..........

With Sale-A-Bration almost at an end, I wanted to check my supplies and make sure that I'd ordered all the basics that I need for the coming months, so that I could take full advantage of earning some of the fabulous FREE offerings during Sale-A-Bration........

I discovered I was low on envelopes white and clear, adhesive, including sticky strip, dimensionals and glue dots. I also found that I was low on some of my favorite color card stock. I'll need all of these things in the coming months, so why not order them now and earn FREE Sale-A-Bration goodies too. Have you checked your basics?

One of the things that I hear most often at my events is that folks can't remember which colors they have and if they already have the marker or the ink and so I've created some "get organized" documents to share with you and they are attached. Take a few moments to take stock of what you have and then make sure you tuck your charts in your Stampin' Up! idea book for reference, updating it as you order new items.

I've often thought that our standard wish lists are too narrow and so I've created a new wider version for you which you can personalize and stamp on too.

Don't you love this year's in colors? I've attached a few things to help you keep track and enjoy these too. I hear we may be seeing some past in colors in the future - hmmmmm, I'm curious aren't you?

One of the Stampin' Up! offerings that I've used for years and absolutely love is the Forget-Me-Not-Keeper (105525). I have all my cards organized by theme and when I need a card and don't have time to stop and make one, I know exactly where to find one.

Finally I want to share with you my absolute favorite new Stampin' Up! posession - Scissors. I know they are nothing to do with organization, but they are just too fabulous not to share.....

You've all heard me rave about my Paper Snips (103579) and they are still perfect for soooo many jobs and I wouldn't trade them ever! My new best friends however, are called Craft & Paper Scissors, but if I see anyone cutting paper with mine, they are in big trouble - Why? Because they are the most amazing scissors for cutting ribbon - I'm not kidding. You know how you tie ribbon on a card and when you cut it, it just comes out wrong and you wish you could trim just a teeeeeeny little bit off? Well these scissors will do just that. The Craft and Paper Scissors cut through ribbon like a hot knife through butter - Oh what a delicious treat they are and it's an even sweeter treat because I saved for so long to add them to my collection.

I hope you enjoy using some of my "Let's Get Organized" charts and don't forget we only have a few days of Sale-A-Bration 2010 left.

I'm working on April's Online Extra projects right now and I'm looking forward to sharing them with you now. Don't forget to check my blog often to see any of my Stampin' News, it's updated most days. Have a great week!

Sabrina's Stamp Club Swap

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