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Saturday, May 2, 2009

There Are 3 Exciting Specials For May

  1. By THREE get one FREE - Choose any three packs of Designer Series Paper - including Speciality Designer Series Paper or 12 x 12 textured card stock and get one FREE - Mix and match your packs of paper if you like.
  2. Become a demonstrator for only $75 with the limited-time, scrapbooking Starter kit. Just the products in the kit are worth over $75 and you can change out items if you already have some (restrictions apply). Once you become a demonstrator you'll have the opportunity to earn extra income and save a minimum 20% off all future product offers and of course you'll have access to a huge variety of inspiration direct from Stampin' Up!
  3. Buy the new Jumble Alphabet stamp set - a special sneak peek from the upcoming 2009-2010 Idea Book and Catalog at 20% off - It's adorable and so versatile - you'll love it!

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Have a wonderful weekend!

Teen Boy and Men

This is a fun card for any guy.

Images © 1990-2009 Stampin' Up!

A few weeks ago I published a card that I said reminded me of my time in Sweden because it was the colors of the Swedish flag.

It's amazing how your subconscious can do things. I made this card just after I got off the phone with two dear friends I met when I was living in Germany and guess what? It's the colors of the German flag - I didn't even notice what I'd done until I went to upload it here. Wow!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Brand New Promotions

Happy May 1st Everyone!

Don't forget to visit my web site to see the brand new promotions - this link will take you directly there too:

More Golf

I had so much fun making this card. Here are some things you may not immediately notice.....

Images © 1990-2009 Stampin' Up!
Remember the large golf ball I used on yesterday's card? I punched out the scraps to make smaller textured golf balls for this card.

Have you noticed that golfing clothes often have diamonds on them? I used my big shot to create the diamond effect on the strip down the side of the card. Using dimsnsionals on some of the balls made them pop.

OK, enough of golf cards, I'll stop for now, but don't forget Father's Day is just around the corner and this is the "par-fect" set for the occasion.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Last Chance To Earn FREE Items

Just a quick reminder that today is the last day to order $40 net from the Occasions mini and earn a FREE item from the under $10 page of the Spring Summer Idea Book 2009. This is an awesome offer and I love the FREE items as well as all the fabulous things in the Occasions mini.

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And Many Mower Birthday

Do you recognize the striped paper in the background? Yes, I'm still using pieces from the Best Ever Simply Scrappin' Kit - the colors were my inspiration for this card.

Notice how there is a little shading under the mower to make it look like it is grounded and not in mid air.

You can't quite see it, but the Riding hood Red strip on the left side of the card has texture on it to add a little interest and the circle brad in the corner reflects the circles in the wheels and on the golf ball. This card is tied together with color inspiration from the designer paper, stamped images and shapes.

Images © 1990-2009 Stampin' Up!

Even if the person you send this card doesn't play golf, they'll appreciate that you took the time to change an ordinary white circle into the illusion of a golf ball, just by taking a few seconds to run it through your Big Shot with the texturz plate.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

And Many Mower With Texture

I promised to give you more details on the cards I posted yesterday.......

Images © 1990-2009 Stampin' Up!

On this card, there are two additional things that will subconsciously make you think "golf". The first is that the image is inside a large white circle (Circle Scissor Plus), which gives the thought of a golf ball. Next..... Have you ever noticed the texture of a golf ball? I chose to run the background papers through my Big Shot using the textures plates, to create a texture that looks a bit like that of a golf ball.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

And Many Mower Collection

Last week I posted a collection of projects made with one stamp set and I received lots of emails saying how cool it was to see lots of ideas using the same set and so here is a new collection for you.

Images © 1990-2009 Stampin' Up!

Through the week, I'll post the cards individually and give you a little more detail on each one.

Don't forget that you only have through the end of April to order on line and earn a Free Spring Summer 2009 Idea Book and Catalog.

Don't forget that the And Many Mower stamp set is part of the current Occasions mini and when you spend $40 net from the mini before then end of April, you get to choose a FREE item from the Under $10 page in the Spring Summer Idea Book and Catalog.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Stamping "Green"

Last week we celebrated Earth Day and today I told you about how our family has saved 1,000 square feet of rain forest in just a few short weeks. Of course, you come here to see information about stamping and so I have something a little different to share with you.......

I've told you how proud I am that so many of the products we sell are "made in America", but that's just the beginning......

Here's a quick look at Stampin’ Up!’s eco-conscious practices

These days, everywhere you turn, people are “going
green” and putting into practice ideas that can make
a difference in the environment and conserve energy.
But what is Stampin’ Up! doing to “go green”? You
may have been asking this question, and
I want to help you answer it!
Rather than dumping our excess rubber in a landfill, we donate it
to Courage Reins, a nonprofit organization that provides horseback
riding therapy for physically or mentally challenged children. They
take our ground rubber and sell it to groups and individuals for use
in playgrounds and horse stables. The money they receive from the
sale of this rubber goes to fund their programs. You can find more
information about Courage Reins at
Wood Blocks
Our wood blocks are not only created from a renewable resource,
we engage in a sustainable practice to get those wood blocks. We
work with a tree farm in which the maple trees are grown specifically
for the purpose of harvesting wood!
Card Stock and Paper
You’re probably already aware that the paper we use for shipping is
100 percent recycled. But did you know that our card stock includes
recycled material? It’s true! Our card stock includes recycled paper
that’s left over from other paper runs, which would otherwise end
up in a landfill. The darker the color of card stock, the more recycled
material is in the card stock. (Who would have thought that Basic
Black was our greenest color?)
In addition, we work with a paper broker who ensures that the
mills we use for our Designer Series paper and card stock engage
in environmentally friendly practices. Our broker is even certified
through the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), the Forest
Stewardship Council (FSC), and the Program for the Endorsement of
Forestry Certification (PEFC). These certifications help us know that
our paper comes from sustainably managed forests and mills that are
taking steps to lessen their carbon footprint. One of our mills even
generates its own power.

Stampin' Up! Buildings
We are very fortunate to have wonderful facilities at Stampin’ Up!
that help us reduce our environmental impact. First, systems in both
the Riverton and Kanab buildings filter any pollutants that may
result from stamp production. Second, our buildings were designed
with energy conservation in mind. Both buildings have geothermal
wells, which help us maintain building temperature, cutting down
on our use of heating oil or natural gas. In addition, all lights are on
sensors and timers, so we don’t waste electricity when employees are
away from the office.
In the desert climate in Utah, it’s also extremely important that
we watch our water use. For this reason, we’ve incorporated native,
water-wise plants in our landscaping. If you’ve visited the home office,
you may have noticed that we have wildflowers growing in front of our
building instead of grass! Our sprinkler system is timed to minimize
evaporation, which helps reduce the amount of water we use to
maintain our landscape. Indoors, artificial plants mingle in with the
live ones in the area around our atrium water feature. This allows us to
have a lush garden while minimizing the amount of water we use.
carbon footprint.

Stampin’ Up!, strive to reduce our carbon footprint as much
as possible. This means that we try to engage in shipping practices
that will require fewer greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, to
be released into the atmosphere. First, UPS picks up shipments from
our Distribution Center each day during nonpeak traffic hours. This
cuts down the amount of gasoline UPS needs to use to get our orders
out the door. You can learn about what UPS is doing to make their
practices more eco-friendly at
For stamp shipments from Kanab to Riverton, we “carpool” with
companies who are sending shipments from the Salt Lake City
area to Kanab. For example, Sysco delivers food to Kanab and
surrounding towns and, normally, their trucks would return empty
to Salt Lake City. Instead of driving back without cargo, Sysco trucks
bring stamps from Kanab to Riverton!
As you know, one of our guiding principles at Stampin’ Up! is
Change, and with that principle in mind, we are always looking for
ways to improve our business practices to do what’s right for our
demonstrators, employees, community, and environment.

I hope you've enjoyed this little "Green Tour"

Earth Friendly

Hi there,

I don't often post personal items here, but I wanted to share with you that our family saved our 1,000th square foot of rain forest today.

All we've been doing is entering the codes from our Tropicana Orange juice boxes onto a web site we read about on the carton.

We were sad that our fabulous new recycling effort in our city did not include Orange juice cartons and so this is the best way to make up for our shortfall.

Just to keep this "Stampin' Up" - soon, I'll post some fabulous facts about how Stampin' Up! works hard to help our planet - stay tuned!

Have a wonderful week!

Fun Twist On Attaching Ribbon

Now I know this is another card created with the Circle Scissor Plus, but that's not why I chose it to show you. I wanted you to see the fun way the ribbon is attached. Just add a strip of sticky strip and bunch the ribbon as you attach it.

Images © 1990-2009 Stampin' Up!
To create this fun pocket card, simply cut out the circle size of your choice, cut a coordinating piece of designer series paper slightly smaller and score evenly on three sides, then just fold and decorate. Fun and quick.

London Seminar

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another Circle Scissor Plus Idea

I promise to try and post something that wasn't created with the Circle Scissor Plus soon.

Images © 1990-2009 Stampin' Up!
I'm in love with our corduroy buttons too. They always remind me of that cute little bear my children enjoyed when they were little. When I was little, my bear had a red corduory top and his name was Bob.

London Seminar